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Using the 51 Steps Sales & Marketing Process Combined With Your Marketing Efforts


This session focuses on implementing the 51 Steps Sales & Marketing Process coupled with the marketing efforts. Making a great first impression is one of the key techniques to a successful sales engagement. Using MSP University's 51-steps Sales and Marketing Process, attendees will learn how and why they need to use the pre-marketing kit to make the best first impression that confirms the sales engagement and maintains the impression after the sales engagement.


What Do I Put In A Corporate Newsletter?


In this webinar, we will review examples of what makes an effective newsletter. We will review best practices, tips, new creative ideas, and other aspects to help you in creating your own corporate newsletter. After this webinar, attendees will be able to plan and create your own corporate newsletter, with recurring features, and original content that will be valuable to your clients and prospects.


The Relationship between Your CRM and Marketing


What can an effective CRM do for your productivity? Are you spending exhausted resources updating and maintaining your database? Join MSP University for this session to learn the basics of an effective CRM and how it can help you drive more sales revenue with less effort.


Search Engine Optimization In Plain English


David will be discussing SEO in plain english. This is a "must attend" seminar for anyone who owns a website and would like to learn the fundamentals of a successful search engine optimization campaign. We will cover from top to bottom, the factors that you can influence online to help your business website perform.


Power Prospecting With Business Social Networks


Getting in front of the right person who has the power of make a decision is a challenge for every MSP. Did you know that you have the power right at your fingertips to find out exactly who you should be talking to is? LinkedIn and other leading business focused social networks offer a comprehensive platform for all MSPs to do accurate research on who the right people are at every business. Stuart Crawford from Ulistic will introduce you to new tools and strategies for using LinkedIn to increase sales, build a healthy network and become the "go-to" person in your marketplace.