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How to Determine a Realistic Annual Projected Revenue for Your Business


This Webcast explores how to project a realistic annual revenue number for your managed services business. Discussions include how revenue is affected by factors such as horizontal or vertical focus, the design of your marketing campaigns and budget size, what kind of business IT support you deliver, how much market opportunity is available in your area, and how well you execute your sales operations. The information contained in this session will both challenge your team and enable your business growth.


Creating Employment Ads for Effective Staffing


Finding the right sales professional can be a chore, and hiring a sales professional, especially your first sales professional, is a large investment, and therefore, a big decision. But it is also one that can enable Managed Services to help your business grow. This Webcast discusses best practices for advertising your employment opportunity and screening respondents to generate a pool of qualified hiring candidates that you'll work through your interviewing process. Also covered are how to structure a compelling employment advertisement and some real world examples of ads that are effective and those that fall flat.


Developing Win-Win Compensation Plans for Sales Staff 1


This Webcast illustrates a detailed sales compensation plan that motivates a Sales Professional to get in front of more prospects and close business through a compensation strategy that rewards success. Also revealed are the fundamentals for creating a management strategy to ensure that consistent prospecting and lead generation is taking place.


Partnering With and Managing Vendors and Fulfillment Partners


There is simply no way for a service organization to directly deliver and manage all of the I.T. solutions, products and services that their clients need. This session focuses on identifying the most highly-requested solutions and services that prospects and clients are asking for, and selecting vendors and fulfillment partners to help sell, implement and manage these solutions. Included are tips on managing the entire process from start to finish. Topics include vendor agreements, NDAs and non-competes, maintaining the primary position with the client and the vendor/fulfillment partner, and how to replace a vendor/fulfillment partner mid-stream without negatively affecting your client relationships.