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Increasing Revenue as a Trusted Advisor Best Practices


What is a Trusted Advisor? Are you a Trusted Advisor? Do your clients want or need a Trusted Advisor? This Webcast focuses on the power of this critical role in every small business, and how you can increase your Managed Services practice's revenue by becoming one.


How to Take Advantage of the two most important tools in sales


Every sales person knows that asking questions is important in selling. We also are aware that we must qualify accounts, present value and overcome objections in order to close the sale. So important are these aspects of selling that they make up the content of most all sales training available. Would you be surprised if the two most important tools you have available to you in sales today are not even on this list and no one even talks about them?


Perfecting The Sales Professional's And Sales Engineer's Synergies During Appointments To Close Opportunities Faster


This session focuses on understanding an IT Solution or Managed Services Provider's sales engineering role during the sales process. Too often Sales Professionals and Sales Engineers actually impede the sales process and slow sales velocity due to a lack of understanding of the role each must play properly during the sales process. Topics include ownership of the sales process and sales meetings, preparation, who should say what when, what to say, what not to say and how not to say it, when to take a sales engineer to a sales meeting and when to leave them behind, and more.


Using Strategic Qualifying Questions for Managed Services


Learn how to position yourself as a trusted advisor with your clients by leveraging strategic questions during the qualifying phase/first appointment of the sales process. Using a combination of methods, including Question Based Selling methodology, you will be able to quickly create demand and uncover true need for proactive managed services.


Are you in the Business of Providing Solutions or Solving Problems


Join Alan Rohrer, Certified QBS Associate, and our own Kate Hunt for this latest session in Alan’s training series in which we’ll further explore the PAS strategy. Alan will illustrate the strategic nature of “how” we sell AND “how” buyers buy. Do they match or are we at odds with our customers when we are on a sales call? Learn how to avoid this all too frequent misstep by focusing on customer problems, issues and concerns.