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How to Prepare a Client’s Network for Delivery Of Managed Services


Now that you've sold your Managed Services Agreement, how do you bring your client's network up to your minimum standards for service and prepare it for remote monitoring, management and service desk support? This Webcast will uncover the secrets that will allow you to deliver effective IT Services Management to your clients immediately upon service turn-up.


How to Effectively On-Board New Managed Services Clients


This session focuses on developing and implementing an effective, efficient on-boarding process for new managed services clients. Once the decision has been made to begin service delivery for a new client, the outsourced service provider or internal service manager must execute an effective, efficient on-boarding process in order to meet client and end user expectations and facilitate future service. A poorly designed and executed on-boarding process will quickly erode client and end user confidence and satisfaction and increase service delivery difficulty and cost for the outsourced service provider or internal service manager. No matter how you slice it, this is not the way to begin a new client relationship. A successful on-boarding process begins before the decision is made to deliver services to the client.


Service Dispatch Best Practices


This Webcast focuses on one of the most critical activities for Managed Services service delivery profitability - the dispatch function. Proper management and scheduling of billable resources will increase utilization, profitability and client satisfaction. Attendees will learn best practices for proactive remote maintenance support, reactive and scheduled onsite services, dispatch management of technical resources, and effective communication techniques between all affected parties to maintain SLAs and client satisfaction.


Day To Day NOC And Service Desk Service Delivery Blueprint


This session focuses on day-to-day NOC and Service Desk operations. Although the NOC’s duties and responsibilities are oriented towards proactively managing and maintaining efficient operating states of hardware devices, software operating systems and applications and insuring the continuity of services; and the Service Desk’s and its staff’s duties and responsibilities are focused on managing end user incidents and problems, they both respond to incidents and problems that impact these by following established service delivery processes. Based on best practices for proactive and reactive maintenance and service delivery, at a high level, the general framework governing these processes is shared by both the NOC and Service Desk, with differences surfacing based upon specific tasks. This session drills down into daily activities of NOC and Service Desk staff, including proactive maintenance, reactive incident management, and other support activities, including on-boarding new clients and network documentation duties. Also covered are best practices for interacting with clients and end-users.


Running your NOC and Service Desk By The Numbers


In order to reduce costs, improve performance and efficiencies and drive more profit to the bottom line, best in class Managed Service Providers utilize a means to regularly measure the performance of the NOC and Service Desk. This measurement must focus on capturing meaningful data and displaying it in a simple to understand manner. This data will become the Key Performance Indicators by which performance will be measured, goals set against and bonuses and commissions designed and implemented to help realize. Learn how to determine your KPIs for service delivery financial, NOC and service desk performance during this informative Webcast.