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ClearCenter is helping to redefine the go to market strategy for VARs and MSPs by providing the most advanced Hybrid IT partner program. ClearCenter is pioneering the Hybrid Service Provider model, a low touch, recurring revenue model with the highest margins in the industry.

Hybrid Service Provider Model

The Hybrid Service Provider (HSP) is an evolution of the Managed Service Provider. Hybrid Cloud Applications and Cloud Services combine both cloud-based applications and services with on-premise applications and services for the greatest security and efficiency.

Own Your Region

Last year ClearCenter introduced the Exclusive Partner. Exclusive Partners are awarded primary status within a region. An Exclusive Partner invests significant time and resources with ClearCenter to drive a healthy and growing revenue stream in a protected region. ClearCenter supports Exclusive Partners with deep discounts as well as marketing and sales resources to enable the regional market (such as regional marketing campaigns, regional reports, regional leads, etc). Exclusive Partners have a competitive advantage over other ClearCenter partners, owning first choice on incoming leads.

Simple, Secure & Affordable

With ClearOS, partners get one intuitive interface that manages every aspect of server, network and gateway and can be accessed through the browser from anywhere in the world. ClearOS also makes it possible to fulfill the IT needs of the average SMB with one hardware device. This translates to easier, faster deployments, a broader offering, and less points of failure.

ClearOS is a Hybrid IT platform that is designed to scale and stay relevant in the future. Cloud applications and services like Google Apps can be easily synced with ClearOS. And the ClearOS marketplace provides a simple way to integrate additional apps and services.

ClearOS features award winning firewall features as well as a rock solid core built on Linux. ClearCenter’s customers enjoy greater uptime and a much greater lifespan for their hardware.

Because of the consolidation power of ClearOS, ClearCenter’s partners are able to replace an entire server rack with one hardware device. And because ClearOS is open source, the software itself is free and there are no per-user fees. With ClearSDN’s affordable services, ClearCenter is a perfect and complete IT solution that provides partners a competitive price while still allowing for the best margins in the industry.

Hardware, Software, Services & Support

ClearCenter offers a complete solution including on-premise hardware and software and cloud applications and services.

ClearBOX is optimized for ClearOS and features an all-in-one server rack replacement. ClearBOX is amazingly efficient, taking about the same amount of energy as a light bulb, yet doing the same work as a server rack.

ClearSDN Services provide the critical software updates, content updates, monitoring and services to keep offices secure and functioning. ClearSDN Services are delivered from ClearCenter’s cloud assets and have been providing value for customers for many years.

ClearCARE support is paid for with ClearCARE credits which are offered on a 'pay-as you go' option and an annual subscription, the latter having three ClearCARE service levels to choose from. ClearCARE credits provide the mechanism for partners and end-users to access support when they need it with a response time suitable to the urgency of the request.

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