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Security Business Coach (Security As A Business-SaaB)

The service is designed to guide clients through the process of building a security business using a monthly session (more time if needed) format. Partner’s readiness to launch or expand security services will be assessed.

Once assessed the partner will be placed in one of three levels: Ready to Plan, Ready to Start or Ready to Expand. Consultations will then be structured based on partner level to increase their revenue through introducing new security services to their prospect/client base.

  • If you are ready to participate in the recession proof security solutions market which is 15% of total client IT spending and 25%+ of discretionary IT spending this service will ensure you launch services with a high probability of succeeding
  • If you are thinking about getting into security solutions but aren’t sure if your firm is ready this service will answer that question and tell you exactly what must be done to execute a plan to launch services
  • If you are ready to expand your security portfolio this service will tell you which offerings are best you’re your firm & market including a detailed product plan to get there
  • SaaB is a one on one customized service to your exact needs and readiness
  • Low cost assistance at $99 per month with 6 month commitment

Cloud Services Portfolio – Building SaaS/IaaS based services

Retain and grow current clients with a Software As A Service(SaaS) and Infrastructure As A Service(IaaS) services portfolio to capitalize on new computing model your clients will transition to with or without you. Be the hero “Virtual CIO” your clients expect by transitioning them to a lower cost higher productivity computing model.

The Cloud model will also allow you improve your margins, add real value added services like training and transition business process planning. Learn how to select, implement and sell this new services portfolio

  • Be there or be left behind – The market for SaaS/IaaS services is here-embrace it or your clients will move to someone who will deploy it for them
  • Learn how to select best services - There is a lot of competition for your portfolio but learn how to select services with low client overhead/learning profile and VAR friendly vendors. Difficult to “fire” cloud vendors so select wisely
  • Learn How to sell services to clients – How you position cloud services and present benefits and risks is key to client adoption
  • Learn what services to put in your initial services portfolio - It is critical you start with most valued services that meet your clients needs while ensuring your margins & low implementation risks
  • Learn what changes will happen to both you and your clients business processes/model- It is critical you anticipate issues your clients will have in transitioning to ensure smooth implement. Your business model will also change so you need to prepare for it
  • Low cost assistance – MSPU special pricing allows you to get this training and preparation for $99 month based on a 6 month commitment

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