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Kutenda Ignite Program


Kutenda is the only marketing company created by an MSP and designed specifically to promote the products and services IT Service Providers sell. Kutenda’s team of Internet Marketing experts help MSPs find new customers and grow their business with marketing solutions that are proven to work. If you are an IT service provider that’s looking to grow but you don’t have the time, patience or budget to market your business yourself, Kutenda can help. With Kutenda’s Ignite program, MSPs gain the foundation for a strong online presence and receive a service plan designed to generate traffic, convert prospects and shorten sales cycles.

Kutenda Ignite Program Benefits:

  • Free MSPU Premium membership – Worth over $2,300 / year
  • An Ignite site that’s built by experts to bring in new leads and improve your sales
  • Search engine optimization and local search marketing services that will help you get in front of qualified prospects looking to buy what you are selling
  • MSP specific prospecting and marketing campaigns that will bring you new sales opportunities and help sell to your current prospects
  • Follow-up marketing campaigns released to prospects over time to accelerate your sales cycle and keep your prospects engaged
  • All the professional website text and design, email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and other materials you’ll need to make your marketing campaigns succeed in generating leads and sales
  • Social media company pages loaded with updates designed to generate interest from prospects and drive interaction

The Kutenda Guarantee

As part of Kutenda's guarantee, if you're not happy with the results by your 6th month of Ignite services, you keep your lead generating website and its improved ranking on major search engines. You'll also walk away with the list of leads generated by Kutenda Ignite, professional social media pages and more.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

“I personally don’t want to become an expert in Internet marketing, because I’m an expert in my own field. My partnership with Kutenda allows me to capitalize on their Internet marketing expertise. Kutenda is the marketing piece that I’ve been looking for.” Bryant Wallace, WallScott Solutions

“As a small business, we're busy running the business itself. Kutenda's services made this such an easy process and for a non marketing person like me, this would have taken a big budget and a lot of time to execute.” Mark Guillot, EC Group

“I switched to Kutenda because their services save me over $1,000 on newsletter content alone!” Matthew Zaroff, NetOps Corporation

“As an Intern, I'm executing campaigns within Kutenda thanks to the help of their services program. There’s no need to hire an Internet marketing professional because Kutenda’s experts handle the hard part for us!” Kerry Roth, SRV Network

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