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LerenGroup - A Powerful New Concept for Optimizing Your Sales

A Powerful New Concept for Optimizing Your Sales

You’ve probably heard and read a lot of great ideas for managing salespeople and improving results.

You’re about to forget them.

Because at the Leren Group, we’ve developed a superior methodology for managing your sales process. With our experienced sales managers, our exclusive sales optimization software, and our set of sales tools, we offer you a unique blend of management and metrics to efficiently plan your team’s activities, measure and improve their productivity, maximize accountability, and increase sales performance.

We not only show your sales people how to improve results, we give them the tools to succeed, while giving you much more control over the process.

The Art: Sales Management

The LerenGroup gives you a dedicated sales manager who directly manages your sales team. Using one-on-one tactical and strategic planning and interaction, we help your sales people plan and execute their day, week, month and quarter, to help them get the most out of every single sales activity. So they’ll always know what to do, when to do it, and what’s next, eliminating wasted time and effort.

The Science: Analytics

Our unique approach to sales analysis is built around taking seriously the sales process; from Lead to Evaluation, Evaluation to Proposal, and Proposal to Close. Managing your sales team to the specific outcomes for each phase of the sales process will yield critical insight into your company’s sales capacity and your overall Sales Return on Investment.


In partnership with MSPU, we have developed a Simulation tool to look at the variables of Sales Optimization for your solutions. Click the button at the right to use the sales optimization simulator; available exclusively for MSPU Premium Partners.


Using our proprietary web-based software developed by us delivers a way to objectively measure sales activities and performance. Our software identifies and outlines the critical sales steps your people need to close the greatest amount of sales in the least amount of time.

Our web based sales management software gives you:

  • detailed sales activity plans
  • sales utilization and efficiency metrics
  • detailed funnel reporting
  • sales performance and capacity reporting
  • sales management dashboard
  • best practice variance metrics

We support your sales team with tools that drive your sales engine to peak performance. In each phase of the sales process, our tools make the salesperson’s time efficient and effective.

  • LEAD PHASE – Opportunity Qualification Tool
  • EVALUATION PHASE – Business and Technical Evaluation Tool
  • PROPOSAL PHASE – Proposal Generator Tool
  • CLOSE PHASE – Document Assembly Tool

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