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Leadership Principles


What principles of Leadership are required to lead your managed services business? This Webcast provides insights into what a best in class Managed Services organizational structure should look like. Explore the principles of leadership that will empower you to enable Managed Services to drive your business. Gain valuable insight into what you must do as a leader to help structure your organization for growth.


Developing and Implementing a Solution Providers Organization Chart and Using DISC for Proper Placement


Your organization chart should be more than just a fancy, attractive document. It should be significant and strategic in helping you group and deploy your human resources into logical departments according to their abilities and the objectives of the business. It should clearly illustrate your Managed Services practice's organizational structure, and should clearly reflect your organizational structure to your staff and prospective hiring candidates. This Webcast reveals how to properly structure your organization chart and use DISC behavioral profiling to help you assign everyone the right "seat on the bus".


Effective Hiring and the Resume Review Process


Finding the right sales professional can be a chore, and hiring a sales professional, especially your first sales professional, is a large investment, and therefore, a big decision. But it is also one that can enable Managed Services to help your business grow. This Webcast discusses best practices for advertising your employment opportunity and screening the respondents to generate a pool of qualified hiring candidates that you'll work through your interviewing process. Discussion includes what to look for at every step of the way and give real world examples of tactics that are effective and those that fall flat.