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Sales Engineering for Superstars


One of the most critical areas where an IT solutions or Managed Service Provider can lose profits is in a poorly designed and executed sales engineering process. Sales Engineering is one of the most important roles in your organization, and is instrumental to sales and project profitability. This Webcast focuses on revealing the importance of the sales engineering role in the pre- and post-sales process and discusses best practices for sales engineering to minimize costly mistakes and improve overall profitability for your Managed Services Practice.


Project Management – A Step By Step Walkthrough


This session focuses on developing and implementing an effective, efficient project planning and management process. Poor Project Management is one of the 3 areas where a solution provider or managed services provider can incur the fastest losses in profitability. An example implementation scenario will be utilized to develop each project management process required for successful project implementation and client satisfaction. Communication, Change and Risk Management examples will be covered, as well as scheduling and phase and final project acceptance.


How Managed Services Providers Determine Their Total Cost of Service Delivery


This session focuses on understanding a Managed Services Practice's Total Cost of Service Delivery in order to determine actual service margins. Topics include how to calculate hourly labor burden, hourly overhead burden and professional services labor and service desk and NOC profitability.


How to Conduct Strategic Quarterly Business Reviews as a Trusted Advisor


The importance of conducting regular business reviews to reinforce the value of the services you provide your clients and help transform them into Technology Strategic business owners with IT budgets and Technology Roadmaps cannot be understated. This session reveals how to prepare for and conduct effective Quarterly Business Reviews that can help your clients increase their efficiencies and productivity, mitigate business pain and risk and maintain a competitive advantage in their markets through technology – all while keeping your sales and project pipelines full.


How To Use Surveys Effectively To Increase Client Satisfaction And Continually Improve Your Service Delivery


This session cuts through the clutter and show you how you can leverage customer survey and benchmarking tools to secure your current clients – and successfully attract new ones. Most service providers believe theyre doing a good job for their clients...until the clients stop doing business with them. Have you ever been blind-sided by a long-term or solid client leaving you for a competitor? Have you had a promising new account mysteriously drift away after just one or two engagements? Would you like to improve service delivery, increase client satisfaction and work to secure clients for life? View this Webcast to learn how to take advantage of properly constructed and executed surveys to help increase your clients’ satisfaction with your services and improve your service delivery effectiveness.