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Dell Boomi Overview

Dell Boomi is changing the way people think about integration. By building our data and application integration platform in the cloud, we’ve created a fundamentally different approach.

Integration is now easy. We allow organizations of all sizes to quickly connect any combination of cloud and on-premise applications. By automating business processes and providing real-time visibility to information across every application, people can make faster, more informed business decisions.

Dell Boomi is the market-leading provider of on-demand integration technology and the creator of AtomSphere®, the industry’s #1 Integration Cloud™. AtomSphere connects providers and customers of SaaS, cloud and on-premise applications via a pure cloud integration platform that does not require software, coding or appliances. Managed Service Providers and businesses alike benefit by connecting to the industry’s largest network of SaaS, PaaS, on-premise and cloud computing environments in a seamless and fully self-service model. Leading SaaS players and enterprise customers such as, NetSuite, RightNow, Marketo, Taleo, Coups, NASDAQ and WebMD rely on AtomSphere to accelerate time to market, increase sales, and eliminate the headaches associated with integration.

Dell Boomi became part of Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) on November 2, 2010. For more information about Dell Boomi, visit

Why Partner with Dell Boomi?

Our managed services partners leverage AtomSphere to offer application management services that include the configuration, management, monitoring and maintenance their customers’ integration processes – freeing their customers’ IT and development staff to focus on core business requirements.

Specific benefits of partnering with Dell Boomi:

  • Centralized management: Boomi's Manage capabilities offer a centralized, web-based dashboard to manage integration activity across your entire customer base, regardless of where the integration is deployed.
  • Increased stickiness/customer retention: AtomSphere offers more than just the exchange of data between applications. It can automate workflow across applications, departments, divisions with secure and reliable communication, content-based routing, business logic rules handling, data transformation, cleansing, and validation. By streamlining your customers’ business processes and workflows across applications, you can increase the stickiness of your managed services offering,
  • Deliver greater value to your customers: By providing ongoing monitoring, management, maintenance and support of your customers’ integration requirements, you deliver greater value to them.
  • Enable rapid implementation cycles: Take advantage of our connectors and reusable design components to offer customers cost-effective and easily maintained integration solutions, instead of one-off, custom integrations that are expensive to implement and difficult to maintain.

For more information please visit our Overview page.

Dell Boomi Partner Network Benefits

We offer a comprehensive set of partner benefits and formal on-boarding process to provide our partners with the necessary support to be successful quickly. Specific benefits are offered in accordance with the Dell Boomi partnership agreement and may include any combination of the following:

  • Partner portal and resource center
  • Partner on-boarding process, training and certification
  • Technical support
  • Partner logo and website listing
  • Sales support
  • AtomSphere licenses for demos, training and other non-production use
  • Developer support

We also offer a Certification Program to distinguish those partners who have demonstrated expertise in the AtomSphere platform. To attain certified status, a partner must successfully complete at least two AtomSphere integration projects, pass an internal project review conducted by the Dell Boomi team, have two or more representatives pass a certification exam and create a minimum of two customer case studies per year.

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