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Symform - We Have Reinvented Online Data Storage

We have reinvented online data storage. 10X cheaper - 10X faster.

The Symform Cooperative Storage Cloud is a solution that combines the best practices of disaster recovery, data security, and distributed networking using the power of the Internet. The best news is that it is 10X cheaper and 10X faster than any other online storage services. Really.

The big idea is simple: contribute inexpensive local storage, receive valuable online storage. Customers in the network contribute unused server space equal to the amount they consume in the storage cloud. Symform handles the day-to-day management of network security and administration of the storage cloud.

Partner Benefits

Profitable, recurring revenue

  • Our low cost solution translates into high value to your customers and more profit for you. Everyone wins.
  • We create a unique opportunity for you to generate recurring monthly revenue.

For all your customers

  • Every one of your customers needs a disaster recovery plan. Our solution is affordable for your entire customer base, not just the largest ones.
  • Imagine how well you'll sleep knowing that your customers are protected.

Extend your current services

  • It's very easy to add Symform's disaster recovery solution to an existing backup system. We're compatible with all backup software applications.
  • You can bundle Symform with your other managed services to create a comprehensive solution.

Low cost of support

  • Symform's high level of automation ensures that we're easy to implement and maintain.
  • "Set-n-forget" is the name of the game.

Partner focus

  • We only sell our solution through our Partners. Period.
  • We provide 50-80% + profit margins to you.
  • Direct customer inquiries are distributed to Partners in that geography.

Free Partner Services

  • Sales training -- we provide you with the sales/marketing tools to sell Symform to your customers and prospects.
  • Technical training -- we personally train every Partner. We support you (in real time) during your initial installations.
  • Tech support -- we provide you with unlimited tech support.

Creates new opportunities

  • We're just getting started. We enable our Partners to provide value-added local services that weren't possible before Symform.
  • Imagine an inexpensive "hot standby" solution on your premises or at a co-lo that shortens your customer's disaster recovery from days to a few hours.
  • Imagine a disaster recovery solution for your customers' laptops.

Start Selling Symform

Our flat fee pricing makes it easy to sell Symform to your customers. Register as a partner and try it free for 30 days. There are no contracts or minimums. And if that wasn’t enough we are offering MSPU members an additional 25% off for the first 6 months. Pass it onto your customers or add it to your margins. Sign up today at

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