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The Income Whirlpool

The IT Business can feel like a vicious ebb and flow between massive amounts of income and large spans of time with no income at all. It can begin to feel a bit like a whirlpool, whipping you back and forth between having money in the bank and trying to figure out which credit card to put your everyday business expenses on. All the while you feel that drag, slowly pulling you down towards the center, that seeming inevitability when all the balls you have in the air come raining down and your business self-destructs. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Introduce Recurring Income

Sure, everyone talks about it, but no one has a plan from A-Z of how to convert your business to a recurring income model. This is where Virtual Administrator comes into the mix. We learned long ago, through personal experience, that a business is only as strong as its finances. If you don't have a system in place to bring in regular recurring income, then it becomes harder and harder to excel at the work you do best, and easier and easier to just take the next deal so that you can meet payroll and maybe have some money left over for yourself.

We have helped hundreds of growing IT Businesses successfully convert their income from the whirlpool model to a peaceful recurring model by infusing their business with the best tools that every MSP needs.

The Ten Points Of Recurring Income

We have identified 10 areas where MSPs can build recurring streams of revenue. You can take advantage of any number of them and build a solid base of income for your business right from the get-go. Here is a sample of each of these three areas:

  • Keep an eye on their networks. Using Kaseya's powerful IT Center product you can actively monitor your customers networks and generate income earning opportunities, or earn a regular income stream simply by .
  • Manage their internet usage. SonicWall's GMS system gives detailed statistics of Internet usage in an office. You can give customers detailed reports down to which machines are accessing which websites. Help your customers manage their human resources with these detailed reports.
  • Protect your clients data. Using Intronis Online Backup you can keep top notch, secure, and up to date backups of your client's most critical data. In our own MSP practice we make thousands of dollars per month just on backups. You can do this too!

Want more? Get all ten recurring revenue streams at our website.

If you are interested in all ten steps, you can access them as a free downloadable PDF on our website. It is available special, just for MSPU clients. Grab this free download and start on a journey to master recurring revenue and avoid getting sucked down the income whirlpool all IT companies fight.

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